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       Product Category
     Crystalline Silicon Solar Panels
  10V 1.9 Watts PET Solar Module
  180mA 3V PET Laminated Solar Panel
  2V 100mA Mini Semicircular Solar Panel
  6V 200mA Oval-shaped Solar Panel
  5.5V 100mA Epoxy OEM Solar Panel
9 V 1.7 W Small Custom Solar Panel
  0.5W 125mA Square Solar Module
  150mA Solar Panel for Bollard Lighting
  Shaped Solar Panel 70mA 0.2W
  8V 1W Round Solar Panel
  340mA 3W White Framed PV Panel
  Plastic Framed Solar Panel 6.5W
  5.5W Semi Transparent Solar Panel
     Thin Film Solar Panels
  1.1mm Solar Cells
  3.8V 30A Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell
  100lux-use Solar Cell
  3.2mm Solar Cells
  4.8V 12mA Thin Film A-Si Solar Cell
  4.5V 90mA Thin Film A-Si Solar Module
  7V 60mA small amorphous silicon module
  Rigid Thin Film 6 V Solar Panel
  Flexible PV Modules
  3V 350mA Flexible Rollable Solar Panel
  2.5V 200mA Rollable Solar Panel
  1.5W 500mA Full Flexible Solar Cell

About Us

Powered by Solar
Blue Solaria Co., Ltd. from China is a leading manufacturer in custom sized, flexible and high-efficiency solar panels. Since 2006 we have been designing, contract manufacturing and marketing easy-to-use solar panel for self-powered devices. Chargers converting ambient solar energy into usable electrical energy can provide an unlimited source of power for personal electronic devices.
Ecological and sustainable values
Bluesolaria's photovoltaic solar modules provide an ecological response to the wireless charging challenge in developing markets having limited access to electricity. We are committed to decreasing the world's carbon footprint and thus reducing the effects of global climate change. Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly solutions to improve the operating time of products that change our everyday lives.
High-quality R&D and innovative design
Blue Solaria's solar cell panels are a combination of high quality research and development and innovative design work.
Our modern component technology together with continuous R&D work enables us to provide superior quality and innovative solutions for today's green power demand.
For us, the role of design in our solar modules' development process has always been significant. Functionality, lightness, portability and easy of use combined with attractive and timeless design have been the leading threads throughout the product development.
The following series products are available:
-- 0.1W C 100W OEM crystalline silicon solar panels
-- Thin Film amorphous silicon solar cells and solar modules
-- Custom designed flexible photovoltaic (PV) panels