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20 Watt Solar Panel | 12V Solar Panel
20 Watt Solar Panel | 12V Solar Panel
> High efficiency polycrystalline solar cell
> Tempered glass laminated, durable and long lasting
> Positive tolerance power, consistent appearance
> Waterproof, UV resistant
> Excellent performance at weak light condition
> With aluminum frame

20 Watt Solar Panel | 12V Solar Panel

This 20 watt solar panel is a 36-solar cell assembly (18V) mounted onto a TPT backplate and covered with rigid tempered glass which protect the solar cells inside, also an aluminum frame included.
The cell is high efficient polycrystalline solar cell. This 12V solar panel is lightweight and durable. It's also waterproof, UV resistant and scratch resistant.  This 20W solar panel is great for charging your 12-volt DC batteries.

Applications:  Portable solar power supply products, road & traffic, solar products for homes and buildings, lights for gardens, Security alarms, Rail, Sea and Air, Agriculture and water system etc.

Product Catagories: 10V / 12V Solar Panels5W - 50W solar panels 


Technical Details 
Item No.:                                       BSP-026 
Dimension:                                    345x480x18mm 
Peak Power (Pmax):                       22W 
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp):                18V 
Current at Pmax (Imp):                  1.22A 
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):           21.1V 
Short Circuit Current (Isc):             1.33A 
Cell Type:                                       High efficiency polycrystalline Solar Cell 
Power Tolerance:                           ±5% 
Encapsulation method:                  Tempered glass 
Back sheet:                                     TPT 
Product Warranty:                          5 Years 
Storage temperature:                    -20°C ~ 65°C 
Working temperature:                   -40°C ~ 85°C 
Standard Test Conditions (STC):  1000W/m2, 1.5AM, 25°C Cell temperature

Sales Term: EXW or FOB Shenzhen
MOQ: 1000pcs
Standard Leadtime: 25 days
OEM / Custom Service Available
Wire Soldering Available

Packing & Delivery
Packing: bubble bag / outer carton
Delivery: by sea or by air, depend on order quantity

If you want to inquire this solar panel, please contact us at info@bluesolaria.com
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