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Small Solar Panel Manufacturer
Blue Solaria is a leading small solar panel manufacturer in China. We have been dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of high efficiency small and medium-sized solar panels in China since 2005. More...
  • • Solar Panel Source Factory
  • • Focus on Small Solar Panels (0.1W - 100W)
  • • High Efficiency 5BB Solar Cell or Sunpower Solar Cell
  • • Above 10 Years Experience in Solar Industry
  • • Custom Solar Solution
  • • Automated Production Machine
  • • 100% Testing for All Solar Panels
How To Inquire a Small Solar Panel?
To consult a customized small solar panel efficiently,
kindly share with us below
• Working condition & application of the panel?
• Voltage of the solar panel?
• Size and shape of the panel?
• Cell type : Mono, poly, PERC or Sunpower Solar Cell?
• Frame, junction box, and wire loom include or not?
• Any other special requirement?

Custom Solar Panel Processing Steps:
• Step 1: Explain your requirements
• Step 2: Panel design & quotation
• Step 3: Engineering & prototype
• Step 4: Mass production
Tips for Choosing a Small Solar Panel
Solar Cell Type Comparision
• Crystalline Silicion Solar Cell (Mono vs. Poly)
Mono solar cell's efficiency & price higher than poly.
• Sunpower Solar Cell vs Crystalline Silicon
Sunpower solar cell's efficiency and price is the highest.

Solar Panel Encapsulation
• Tempered glass laminated
Robust and long lasting, 10 years above lifespan
• PET laminated
Thin and portable, approx. 2 - 3 years lifespan.
• ETFE laminated
Thin and portable, approx. 3 - 5 years lifespan.

Solar Panel Voltage vs. Battery Voltage
Tips: when the battery is charged by the solar panel, the voltage of the solar panel should exceed 20%-30% of the working voltage of the battery to ensure normal charging of the battery.
• 4.5V - 5V solar panels for 3.2V DC battery
• 5.5V – 6V solar panels for 3.7V DC battery
8V / 9V solar panel for 6V DC battery
12V solar panel for 9V DC battery
• 15V – 18V solar panel for 12V DC battery

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