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3 Volt Solar Panel | High Efficiency Solar Panel
3 Volt Solar Panel | High Efficiency Solar Panel
> High efficiency Sunpower solar cell (>21% efficiency)
> PET laminated, durable, lightweight & thin
> Positive tolerance power, consistent appearance
> Waterproof, UV resistant
> Excellent performance at weak light condition

3 Volt Solar Panel | High Efficiency Solar Panel

This small solar panel is a 6-solar cell assembly (3V) mounted onto a fiberglass PCB and covered with PET film which protect the solar cells inside. The cell is Sunpower solar cell, which is the most efficient cells, upto 21% efficiency. This high efficiency solar panel is lightweight, and durable. It's waterproof, UV resistant and scratch resistant.  This 3 volt solar panel is great for charging your 1.5-volt DC batteries.

Applications:  wireless sensors, IoT devices,  crafts, toys, LED lights and other small electronics etc.

Product Catagories: 2V - 4V Solar Panels, 0.1W - 1W solar panels 

Technical Details 
Item No.:                                              BSP-003 
Dimension:                                          57×50×2mm 
Peak Power (Pmax):                             0.4W 
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp):                      3V 
Current at Pmax (Imp):                        133mA 
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):                 3.6V 
Short Circuit Current (Isc):                    145mA 
Cell Type:                                              High Efficiency Sunpower Solar Cell 
Power Tolerance:                                  ±5% 
Encapsulation method:                         PET 
Back sheet:                                            Double sided FR4 PCB 
Product Warranty:                                 2 Years 
Storage temperature:                            -20°C ~ 45°C 
Working temperature:                          -40°C ~ 65°C 
Standard Test Conditions (STC):           1000W/m2, 1.5AM, 25°C Cell temperature

Sales Term: EXW or FOB Shenzhen
MOQ: 1000pcs
Standard Leadtime: 25 days
OEM / Custom Service Available
Wire Soldering Available

Packing & Delivery
Packing: bubble bag / outer carton
Delivery: by sea or by air, depend on order quantity

If you want to inquire this solar panel, please contact us at info@bluesolaria.com
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