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A Variety of Solar Cars will be Launched in Two or Three Years

Source:Bluesolaria    Time:2019-11-22
Solar energy is considered to be one of the cleanest energy sources, with inexhaustible, non-polluting properties. On the other hand, for people, cars are an increasingly indispensable part of life. With the development of technology, more and more companies are trying to combine solar energy with automobiles to meet people's needs.
According to media reports, Toyota and Sharp recently announced that the two companies and Japan's new energy industry technology development agency NEDO will work together to carry out road tests on the Toyota Prius PHEV models equipped with solar panels.
The solar panel of the test car is supplied by Sharp, and its photoelectric conversion rate is over 34%, which is much higher than the 22.5% of the existing commercial version. The entire solar system has a rated output of 860W, which not only generates electricity when parked, but also generates electricity while driving, providing an additional mileage of up to 44.5 kilometers.
It is understood that solar panels are installed on the roof, front cover and trunk door, and integrated solar cells are designed to improve the cruising range and fuel efficiency of new energy vehicles. Data such as the amount of electricity generated by the solar panel and the amount of electricity charged by the power battery pack are collected during the test to help develop the automotive solar charging system.
As Toyota and Sharp hope to simulate different test conditions, the test will be conducted in Japan and other different regions at the end of July, including ordinary roads and highways, and will continue until the end of February 2020.
On June 25th, a Dutch start-up technology company called Lightyear released Lightyear One, a prototype that uses solar energy as a driving force to drive electric vehicles. For the combination of solar and automotive, Lightyear's founders have very clear goals and beliefs, and have always believed that innovations in solar technology can bring more green to the world.
It is reported that Lightyear One is covered with more than 5 square meters of solar cells on the body. The hourly solar power can support the car for about 12 kilometers, which at least guarantees that people can drive solar cars for 30 kilometers. Moreover, during the working period, it is exposed to the sun and can continue to store electricity.
                                                                          Solar Car from Lightyear One 

In addition to arranging solar cells, the car is also capable of driving continuously through a charging device. According to the company, this solar electric car can travel 725 kilometers on a single charge, far beyond the 595 km of the Tesla Model S series.
At present, the company has begun to accept reservations online, the price is 170,000 US dollars, about 1.15 million yuan, is expected to be delivered in early 2021.
When it comes to solar cars, in fact, the domestic Hanergy Group released four new cars in 2016 as soon as possible. Today, every time a large-scale conference or exhibition, Hanergy will bring a car to the show. As an important player in global thin film power generation, it is reasonable to say that Hanergy's technology will not be worse than Lightyear, but it is really regrettable that the vehicle has not been mass-produced.
In fact, after the Han energy-energy solar car project was stranded, they also joined forces with Audi, FAW, Beiqi New Energy and other car companies to engage in solar cars, but until now there is still no reliable product release, I do not know whether it has been stranded.
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