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Tesla Solar Roof Enters China With 480,000 Annual Salary to Recruit Business Development Manager

Source:Bluesolaria    Time:2020-03-09

According to news on March 6, after electric vehicles, Tesla's third-generation Solar Roof V3 will enter China. It is said that the current Solar Roof team of Tesla China has been completed at the Tesla China headquarters in Shanghai, and Tesla is looking for relevant talents, and even has issued a maximum annual salary of 480,000 for business development managers. Competitive. 

Some domestic photovoltaic engineering companies have received invitations from Tesla China to participate in the promotion of Tesla Solar Roof in the Chinese market as a construction and operation and maintenance supplier. The "solar roof" can generate electricity by installing "solar power generation panels" on the roof, which not only meets the daily power consumption of households, but also "sells" surplus electricity to the national grid. 

Tesla's third-generation solar roof has realized photovoltaic building integration, making solar modules directly into real roofs, and also specially designed custom accessories, vents and skylights. Tesla's third-generation solar roof has the advantages of lower production costs, higher power generation, fewer parts, and easier installation. At the same time, it can also use beautiful photovoltaic tiles to decorate the roof, making it easier for home installation.

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